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  1. 2012.07.03 1.[첼리스트 요요마와 피아니스트 찰리]

1.[첼리스트 요요마와 피아니스트 찰리]

[Gallery] 2012. 7. 3. 13:46 posted by CharlieAlbright

[Cellist Yo-Yo Ma and Pianist Charlie Albright - Senator Ted Kennedy]

[첼리스트 요요마와 피아니스트 찰리]

On December 1, the pianist performed for the first time with cellist Yo-Yo Ma at the Harvard ceremony presenting the late Senator Ted Kennedy with an Honorary Doctorate degree. At the ceremony, guests included Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, Senator John Kerry, and then Vice-President-Elect Joe Biden, who was quoted telling Albright "If I did my job as well as you do yours, I'd be President."

유튜브 비디오 "Charlie & YoYoMA" 밑에 링크 클릭! :)